Who’s bringing the microwave?

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I remember the first call I got from my assigned freshman roomate at UNC. It was a very brief chat because he just wanted, in his words, to make sure I wasn’t gay or anything*. We’d figure out who was gonna bring what later on.

Obviously, this was before the days of facebook, because apparently this is how you handle the new roomie situation now…


* I wasn’t.


Go to Local 506 in October (With BAZAN update)

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UPDATE: Yesterday, it was announced that David Bazan will be performing at Local 506 on October 15. This is getting ridiculous. I know most people don’t know who David Bazan is, but he’s probably my favorite songwriter of all time and pretty much the only musician who I can say has really truly legitimately played a significant role in shaping my worldview.


Every now and then I peruse the Cat’s Cradle and Local 506 schedules to try and find a good excuse to go to Chapel Hill for a night/weekend, and to get a good show out of it. Just a few minutes ago was one of those every now and thens. And holy crap is Local 506 killing me right now. Just as I’m getting settled into Norfolk, enjoying my good life here, the 506 goes and bitch-slaps me with a taunt of the awesomeness that is its October(ish) lineup.

Here’s what’s on it…

9/29 – The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, The Depreciation Guild, Cymbals Eat Guitars

10/1 – The Twilight Sad, brakesbrakesbrakes, We Were Promised Jetpacks. (I must be at this show. I ****ing must! With pints and pints of Guinness, of course!)

(Starts at 1:20 mark)

10/6 – A Place to Bury Strangers

10/9 – Titus Andronicus

10/16 – Atlas Sound

10/19 – Japandroids (still probably my favorite album of the year so far by the way)

Oh, and did I mention the most expensive show is a measly twelve bucks?

Congratulations Local 506, you have kicked my ass. Kicked it you have!

Heckler – 7, Mayoral Candidate – 0

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Breakin up is hard to do?

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I need to break up with this dude. How should I do it?


Okay. I made this question up. And I’ve been at a karaoke bar drinking and singing Violent Femmes all night. But people ask me shite like this all the time.

And for the folks there that I’m to which referring to now… here’s a good example (nayQ!! a template!!!) to follow for an excellent (read: horrible) break up letter (email, probably).


Thundercats. Who-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh.

Racist kid?

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Is this kid a racist?


Ummm… the kid didn’t ask the question did he/she? No. He/she (Ed. note: I really have no idea) just answered it. And in a great many circles, correctly, I might add.


Worst (?) Standup?

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The youtube user who posted this video says it’s a terrible standup routine. I think said user is an idiot. This guy is hilarious. Intentionally hilarious. And the crowd is just full of idiots, too, so it flies right over their heads.

P.S. A lot going on for the Dropout right now. Hope to be posting regularly again very soon.

Wesley Snipes in new Twilight movie?

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This picture has been circulating the interwebs a bit. I’m not sure where it originated from, but I wish I did because I laughed one of my morning whiskey shots way up into my nose when I saw it…


Now, if only the Daywalker would show up to Comic-Con and take swipes at the hordes of Twihards. I’m all for fandom, and I’ve no real problem with the girls I know who enjoy the books and their obsession ends there.

But the crazed stampedes of freaks who offer up blood to Robert Pattinson, etc.? Worst. Fanbase. Ever.