Meet the Dropout

We here at Ask a Dropout (AAD) strive to provide you with the kind of quality advice and practical information that accredited educational institutions are often unable to provide. In the process, we hope to earn your trust, loyalty, and confidence by remaining transparent and approachable. Feel free to contact AAD around the clock at

moses-bottle1Our titular Dropout spent most of his adolescence in a private preparatory school and still has no clue what relevant extra preparation he received. He had a grand time earning his bachelor’s degree and felt like he had learned a great deal at college, though mostly outside the classroom. He thinks the degree itself is nice looking, but believes a piece of paper is rarely more than a piece of paper, unless it’s this dimension’s place-holder for an object of value in another. Unfortunately he didn’t think of that until he’d spent a few semesters at film school, at which point he said “Enough!” and began paying regular visits to Lacuna, Inc. Now he’s at your behest, ready to impart wisdom, or make light of his lack thereof.

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