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Racist kid?

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Is this kid a racist?


Ummm… the kid didn’t ask the question did he/she? No. He/she (Ed. note: I really have no idea) just answered it. And in a great many circles, correctly, I might add.



Worst (?) Standup?

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The youtube user who posted this video says it’s a terrible standup routine. I think said user is an idiot. This guy is hilarious. Intentionally hilarious. And the crowd is just full of idiots, too, so it flies right over their heads.

P.S. A lot going on for the Dropout right now. Hope to be posting regularly again very soon.

Wesley Snipes in new Twilight movie?

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This picture has been circulating the interwebs a bit. I’m not sure where it originated from, but I wish I did because I laughed one of my morning whiskey shots way up into my nose when I saw it…


Now, if only the Daywalker would show up to Comic-Con and take swipes at the hordes of Twihards. I’m all for fandom, and I’ve no real problem with the girls I know who enjoy the books and their obsession ends there.

But the crazed stampedes of freaks who offer up blood to Robert Pattinson, etc.? Worst. Fanbase. Ever.

That’s not what I wrote.

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Sorry for the lack of posts. I haven’t seen a computer in four or five days. they’re hard to find in the succubus-infested woods of Muertavania. But hey, demon-hunter’s gotta hunt, right?

Anyway, something’s been bugging me for the last few weeks. My friend Ben finally showed me a cut of the last film I wrote (which he directed): The Fence. I really liked a lot of what he did with it. Especially considering the limitations of bdget, time, etc., he made it happen and I’m quite grateful. But I’m eternally confused by changes he made to the end of the film.

The Fence is about a group of supposedly disease-stricken people who have been locked inside an inescapable prison city encased an electronic dome, known as The Fence. (A familiar sort of sci-fi setup, a la Escape from NY or Doomsday) Jonah is a former resistance fighter who has given up hope of ever seeing the outside world again. But what will he do when he learns someone very close to him has been taken by their enemies, likely to be tortured and killed? Duhn duhn duuuhhnnn.

In my ending, people are killed by mind bullets and our hero tells his family to eff off and let him drink himself to death in peace. So, imagine my surprise when I see the film end this way…

Breastfeeding Text from Stephen

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My friends Stephen and Mark are moving to Japan at the end of the summer. That is awesome for them, but sucks for me. Because they are the best texters in my phonebook and I will now miss out on these kinds of near-daily exchanges…

Stephen: I’m at a cafe studying japanese and woman sits down in the chair next to me, lifts up her shirt and bra and starts breast feeding…kind of distracting

Me: She hot?

Stephen: Kind of… am i supposed to give her money or something?

Me: Does she have a tip jar out?

Stephen: I don’t know if it’s a tip jar. it just says “tit jar”.

Me: Oh yeah. you should def put money in there.

Stephen: Ok. I don’t want to be disrespectful.

Me: yeah i know how sensitive you are about that stuff

Nissan Ninja-mobile

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So, I wasn’t even aware that I was in the market for a new car until I read this craigslist ad. But now I’m gonna stop bronzing and shaving my chest and focus my efforts on raising $11,000. Because I am sold. Sold!

Wake up with… This Guy

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Whether or not this video is suitable for your workplace depends on how your employer feels about pretty overweight, fairly naked, and musically prodigious redneck viking men. And hot Indians on motorcycles.