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Red House commercial

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I saw this video a few days ago and laughed, thinking it was just a sketch, and assumed everyone thought the same because the two guys singing “At the Reeeddd Hooouusssse” are Rhett and Link, a comedy duo from NC. I’ve seen them on stage before.

But then it just got sent to me in an email, and I’m now realizing that it’s being passed around the internet as a real commercial….because it is! Apparently Red House Furniture is a real place and Rhett & Link helped them develop this commercial. Good.


He got a 100.

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This is a Chemistry “Exam” I took a few weeks ago. It was an intro class I can’t believe I had to take and spent most of the semester perpetually thinking about the bullet I was going to buy and fire into my face if I sat there much longer. Anyway, I finally decided to take out my frustration on this four-question “Exam”. My professor says my behavior is inappropriate and is threatening disciplinary action, yada yada yada.

Was this really that inappropriate?

brianmorelchemexam-Brian, ODU

Your responses were not only not inappropriate, they were actually perfectly appropriate. (Not my best sentence.)

I’m not sure what else teachers expect in a situation like this. This is why you don’t put obvious geniuses like Brian and me in classes with a bunch of remedial plebes.

I’ve never quite pulled a stunt like this. But one time, on a math test, I didn’t show my work. I got all the answers right, but I didn’t show my work because I didn’t need to do any. Except in my head. I got a “C”. Even though I got all the answers right. Just another example of why I don’t understand school.

Also, Brian, your handwriting sucks.


Wake Up with We Were Promised Jetpacks

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In 2007 it was The Twilight Sad.

In 2008 it was Frightened Rabbit and Glasvegas.

In 2009, it looks like the big Scottish rock export to blow up could be the fantastically-named We Were Promised Jetpacks. Here’s the video for their first single, “Quiet Little Voices”.

Seriously girls…

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Can y’all get this under control?



Cincinnati Superhero?

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How long do you give “Shadowhare“? I mean, this kid’s gonna get himself killed any day, right?


He’s definitely gonna get himself killed eventually. My first estimate would have been somewhere between three hours and two weeks, but then I read where he hurt himself helping an old lady two years ago. So he’s been at it at least that long, which means he must have some skills, right? Either way, he’s a resilient little sucker.

This story’s ultimately disappointing, though, because when I first clicked the link and saw the headline about Shadowhare, a real-life superhero in Cincinnati, only two words entered my mind: Chad Johnson. I knew Chad Johnson had to be the Shadowhare. It would explain so much, and fill me with such hope for a better, crime-free Cincinnati.

Then I watched the video. And of course it was just an awkward young fanboy.

Is that you, Chad?

Is that you, Chad?



America’s Saddest Home Videos – CollegeHumor Video

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “America’s Saddest Home Videos – Colle…“, posted with vodpod

Cyber Sex?

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What do you know about cyber sex? Is it safe? It’s just that I broke up with my gf recently and I want to, you know, experiment and stuff. Any tips?


Personally, I think your first move should be the “casual encounters” portal on craigslist, but if you want to putt around in the chat room minor leagues, that’s your call.

And yes, I do have some experience with this that I’d be happy to share. How’s this for starters? Here’s my most recent cyber session, from an AOL private chat…

boobs-bombs-chatThat, my friend, is how it’s done.