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Heels go to the White House

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Which part of Bobby Frasor’s video diary of the Heels’ trip to the white house is your favorite?


There’s so much I love about this video. Mike Copeland feeling the velvet walls. The Million Dollar Bill. Justin Watts and Will Graves snuggling. Danny Green worrying that Bobby’s not supposed to have a video camera running. Deon Thompson wearing Nikes with his suit (Ed. Note: Ball-er. Un-Limited.) Deon Thompson scrounging for food. “I’m Mike Copeland, ESPN.”

But, of course, Tywon “Catfish” Lawson steals the show. Here’s my fav moment: Catfish, beltless, shirt untucked, pants stained, Dennis the Menace to the max, proclaims: “I’m excited to meet the President. But the President should be excited to meet me, too.”


Wake up to “Hark the Sound”

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Headin down to Raleighwood to watch the Final Four and generally act debaucherous. City Limits? Who knows….

Here are a couple renditions of “Hark the Sound” as a prelude to the ass-whoopin’ of Villanova.

First, my boys Delorean rock out at the Cradle.

And now, a small child who’s destined to be a winner because his parents are actively involved in making him a good person.


Ty was born a gamblin man…

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How do you feel about Tywon “Catfish” Lawson, now??? Gambling at the Final Four?! What an idiot!

-Some State Kid

Actually, I feel a lot better about the Catfish now. For the few hours that I knew he’d been in Detroit and I hadn’t heard about him hittin the casinos yet, I was worried. Now all seems right with the world. He didn’t do anything illegal, with regards to the NCAA or the, you know, actual law. So head on back to your bricks and maybe I’ll see you out at City Limits sometime.

By the way, there’s been this awesome picture of Ty Lawson as a kid floating around the interwebs lately. Thought I’d post it here…


Ty-Han-o-Saurus Rex

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Ha. Ha. Ha.