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Worst (?) Standup?

Posted in Silly... with tags , , , , on July 29, 2009 by Digger (Not Phelps)

The youtube user who posted this video says it’s a terrible standup routine. I think said user is an idiot. This guy is hilarious. Intentionally hilarious. And the crowd is just full of idiots, too, so it flies right over their heads.

P.S. A lot going on for the Dropout right now. Hope to be posting regularly again very soon.


Best page on the internet?

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Some people are saying this is the best webpage on the internet. I don’t agree. There’s no Chuck Norris, no auto-tuning, and not one single boob. Unless you count those things under the revealing blouses of Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife. I don’t. So, this is missing some key components to internet greatness.

Nevertheless, it is still quite awesome.

#1 YouTube Video of all time

Posted in opinions, Silly... with tags , , , , on June 26, 2009 by Digger (Not Phelps)

#1 – “Star Wars Kid”

This is YouTube’s Monolith. The Revolver of YouTube videos. The total game-changer.

The moment the shackles were finally 100% gone and everyone stood up and took notice of its full potential. Suddenly, no one was safe. We all realized that the internet could ruin anyone’s life. Not just celebrities or politicians, but some nerd who was already on the lowest rung of the high school social ladder. Even that guy with seemingly nothing to lose could be further destroyed by the internet. Or, become an online celebrity.

Admit it, since the day you first saw this video, anytime you’ve done something stupid, somewhere in your head you’ve thought, “Holy crap I hope this doesn’t wind up on YouTube.” And anytime you post a video of someone else doing something stupid, you think, “Oh man I hope this becomes the next Star Wars Kid.”

At the same time, lots of other nerds realized they too could become “famous” via YouTube and they flocked there to start vlogs, post their “music videos”, etc.

YouTube ruined the Star Wars Kid’s life. And the Star Wars Kid gave YouTube its own. Seems like a fair trade.

Anyway, that’s what I think. Let me know if you think I missed something really vital and perhaps I’ll post it because posting classic YouTube vids is fun for everyone.


Best youtube video ever?

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What’s the best video on YouTube? Of all time. Ever.



Oh, you went there. You so went there, didn’t you? Of all time? Sheesh. That’s a loaded, pressure-filled question. I know how much Loafers likes Top 5 Lists, so I’ll have to make this a Top 5 list of my own. Picking one is so hard. I’ve definitely got to lay down some ground rules for how to approach this.

What makes a great youtube video?

1. “Official” videos are inferior. If you take a gander at the most-watched videos on youtube, the majority of them are movie trailers or music videos. None of those are eligible. Neither will clips from TV shows, stand-up routines, etc. If youtube (or something similar) isn’t the primary intended viewing platform for the video, it doesn’t warrant consideration. So, even though 100,000,000 people have watched Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend” video on youtube, I do not consider it a youtube video. Tay Zonday, on the other hand, would certainly be eligible.

2. The harder it makes me laugh, the better. When you recommend a youtube video to someone, 99.9999% of the time you wrap up the recommendation by saying, “It’s hilarious.”

3. Unintentionality rules. I think it makes for a superior youtube video when the subject most likely had no intention for the whole world to see it. This doesn’t mean that the creator of the video had to be unaware that it would be finding its way to the internets…

4. Someone getting hurt…doesn’t hurt at all. We all love videos of someone getting smashed in the face…

…or jacked up by an exercise ball…

…or failing at flips…

…or kicked in the head…

…or receiving a basketball to the head so perfectly…

That video barely missed the top 5 by the way.

5. The News is your friend. Whether it’s being auto-tuned…

…or just providing a nice Freudian slip…

News shows (especially local) provide great fodder for youtube videos.

6. The wild fire effect. Since the question pertains to the “best” youtube video ever, and not simply my “favorite”, I’ll try to apply objectivity in this manner: A “good” youtube video ought to truly be an internet sensation. As soon as it gets a little spark, it’s everywhere.

Okay. I think that about covers it. I’ll start releasing the top 5 list shortly, but first, an honorable mention…

I still to this day can’t decide if this video is real or not. And that was how I justified separating it from the other 5 videos. Readers, enjoy Leeroy Jenkins…