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Racist kid?

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Is this kid a racist?


Ummm… the kid didn’t ask the question did he/she? No. He/she (Ed. note: I really have no idea) just answered it. And in a great many circles, correctly, I might add.



#4 YouTube video of all time

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#4 – “David After Dentist”

This is the freshest entry to the list. The first time I saw this video (I think it might actually have been over at loafersansocks) I immediately watched it four more times. This kid is perfect. He’s got the high thing down pat already. Just about every comment or move he makes, I know I’ve seen a stoned/drunk friend do at some point.

Also, I really relate to the kid. He’s asking a question that I constantly struggle with every day. Now. When I’m sober. “Is this real life?” And frankly, I don’t really approve of his dad spoon-feeding him such a certain answer of “Yes.” Dad, you don’t know that. You can’t prove it. Stop brainwashing your son. Let him explore these questions fully and decide for himself. Otherwise he’ll spend his twenties serving people coffee and burrowing himself into journals and scripts in an effort to purge all the so-called “knowledge” and blind faith that authority figures heaped on him his whole life by flinging it into stories about lucid dreaming and the dissolution of planets into dying parallel dimensions and kids who just want to build time machines before they die. [Ed. Note: This will hopefully result in some lucrative Hollywood deals…right? RIGHT?]

Oh, and that screaming thing? He’ll make a habit of walking out into storms and directing it at the lightning.

Don’t worry, David. I got your back. Keep questioning everything.

ANYWAY… “David After Dentist”? Instant. Classic.